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The Experimental Junior High School of Patras, in the framework of the European program KA2 entitled "ART AND DESIGN FOR A BETTER PLANET", visited South Italy. Teachers and students traveled to FOGGIA, where they were warmly welcomed.

The pupils of Experimental were hosted in families of students attending the Giovanni Bovio school

They had the opportunity to attend courses in the Italian language, to participate in educational activities, to familiarize themselves with different teaching practices and to exchange cultural elements, to work with pupils from other countries.

The same program was attended by students from Spain, Cyprus, Romania, Sicily.

Our visit to Foggia was considered an important event, as the Mayor of the city warmly welcomed us and offered us souvenirs. In honor of the mission in Foggia, Concerto was held at the Umberto Giordanno Theater.

The training program included guided city tours, excursions to a neighboring seaside resort in Vieste.

It is worth mentioning the very warm and welcoming attitude and attitude of Italian teachers and parents and to emphasize the guarantee for the fruitful and fruitful continuity of the CA2 program.

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