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Αστέρια ΑνενεργάΑστέρια ΑνενεργάΑστέρια ΑνενεργάΑστέρια ΑνενεργάΑστέρια Ανενεργά

  • Experience of different teaching methods ;
  • Experience of new subjects/knowledge ;
  • Knowledge of the European Union ;
  • Knowledge and understanding of partner countries’ educational system (content and assessment) ;
  • Knowledge of own subject field ;
  • Creation of strong bonds with partner country teachers ;
  • Project management skills development ;
  • Digital skills development ;
  • English language skills development ;
  • Language skills development in a language other than English ;
  • Social skills development ;
  • Motivation to work in a multi-disciplinary team ;
  • Motivation for professional training and skills development ;
  • Motivation for the job ;

The ReDesignEarth project opposes to racism and fanaticism,  shields democratic nature of society and, above all, it prevents children and our young people from adopting discriminatory attitudes, intolerant, bullying, social exclusion and generally contribute to the cultivation of a culture of peace, non-violence and social justice. The ReDesignEarth project aims at  increased knowledge and awareness of students on issues such racism, diversity and human rights, through the recognition of any direct or indirect, intentional or unnecessary reasons, instruments and processes that lead to negative discrimination of certain people by their diversity.

Through the ReDesignEarth project  both teachers and students are encouraged to better understand the world in which they live, realizing the complexity and the systemic nature of both sustainable development and environmental issues. Also, teachers and students are invited to acquire significant experiences and skills, involved in activities that help to shape attitudes and behaviours, embracing values that relate to the individual and collective responsibility in addressing the degradation of the environment and quality of life. With vehicle environmental protection, at the same time the ReDesignEarth project aims at ensuring social cohesion, healthy living, financial soundness, Justice and the rational management of natural resources. Students will seek also practices and applications that can help in troubleshooting and try to give ideas, possible answers and solutions in school and community environmental problems.

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