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"The “ Domenico Costa” is called “Istituto Comprensivo” because it includes an infant school, (pupils aged 3-5 years old), a primary school, ( pupils aged 6- 10 years old) and a junior  secondary school ( pupils aged from 11-13). In this school year we have 819 pupils in total. and 81 teachers including specialized teachers who teach to disabled pupils. Primary and junior secondary school share the same building  and the infant school building is close too, so there are some activities  which are carryed togheter by all the pupils.



The school is situated in the north- eastern area of the town, in the zone called Borgata. This area was built in the last decades and families living there come from different social- economic conditions.  Not all the pupils come from Borgata but many of them live in Monte zone, a residential area lately developed. Our school works then in a varied social cultural context so we provide support to students with a poor cultural background but also give opportunities for excellent students.



The main purpose of our school is person and citizen education.  The school action is aimed at developing the potential of pupils in the respect of individual feature, the construction of the values of tolerance, peace, solidarity, acceptance of diversity, the respect for the natural and social environment;- building solid skills and meet the needs of a constantly evolution that requires you to respond flexibly to  the cultural changes and the rapid development of knowledge. Our objecctives so perfectly match with the objectives of this project" 



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